From Las Vegas to Your Smartphone: Online Gambling Facts to Expand Your Vision


Online gambling has become an integral part of our lives with a regularly growing percentage of the population getting involved in the online gaming industry, be it as gamblers or as business investors. With rapid growth of digitalisation, gambling’s now more concentrated on online platforms, with actual casinos stepping into the iGaming world. Still, not everyone is familiar with even the common knowledge regarding this industry, not talking about some unknown and fun gambling facts. Thus, if you’ve unanswered questions in your mind, bear with us, as we are about to reveal some facts about gambling that you are willing to know. 


How It All Started


Smartphones and easy access to the internet changed our lives to the extent that relatively new generations have never lived and cannot imagine living in an era where all their lives weren’t  accessible in only a simple click. These trends have drastically influenced the concept of gambling as well. 

For many people, the first thing popping in mind when thinking about gaming is fancy and glamorous Las Vegas casino life. However, in fact, most of the gaming now takes place online. Online gambling’s extremely popular and is only expected to grow in size in the upcoming years. The global iGaming market is expected to reach USD 127.3 billion by 2027. With these numbers, the market’s aspiring not only for the potential players, but also for the potential investors. 

To have a better understanding of the market, it’s necessary to know more about its history. De facto, online gambling is as old as the internet itself. However, only in 1994, after Antigua and Barbuda passed the Free Trade and Processing Act, licences began being distributed to online casino developers. This was a major shift which put the cornerstone of evolution in the iGaming world. 

The history-maker of the industry is Microgaming. Being established in 1994 as the first ever online casino, Microgaming’s still one of the leading online gambling software companies, which was developed by CryptoLogic. Not only this was the first online gambling platform, but also has its place in the Guinness World Records with its Mega Moolaah slot game paying out the biggest online casino win ever in 2015 (£13,209,300). 


An Industry That Prospered Due to COVID-19


COVID-19 was yet another notable moment in the history of the online gambling industry. People underwent serious shifts in their mental behaviour, daily routines and financial conditions. Lockdowns considerably boosted the iGaming industry, while causing significant harm to land-based casinos and betting offices. Not only did the market experience an inflow of many newcomers, but also the regular gamblers’ activity peaked. According to one study, regular players were exposed to a 6-times increase of the likelihood of gambling in the period of lockdowns, as compared to their regular playing rates. 

That being said, COVID-19 did not only help the industry. Those uncertain times also had a negative impact on the sports lovers with mass sports events being shut down due to the pandemic regulations. Consequently, online sports betting also dropped. However, desperate times take desperate measures. If people cannot interact so as not to infect each other, then they should find sports with other species to which COVID-19 is non contagious. Horse Racing was the only sport that peaked with its online betting scores in the times of pandemic. 


Some Data and Stats


iGaming statistics, while mostly understandable, sometimes uncover unexpected details about gamblers and the industry in general. These online gambling statistics will open up new interesting facts about gambling and the iGaming world. 

If you’re a carrier of the prejudice that men are more likely to gamble online than women, let us tell you that you’re not completely wrong. However, you are not completely right either. In fact, most of the gambling statistics come to prove that the percentage of male gamblers outscores that of females. However, there is an endless debate here, with many online gambling websites operating anonymously and not exposing personal information about their users’ gender. Anyway, statistics about gaming indicate that around 80% of online gamblers are male. It’s to also mention that game preferences differ in accordance with the players’ gender. While the majority of men prefer skill games, women tend to be more likely to play chance games. 

Despite the viral usage of the internet by the young population, most of the iGaming users are in the age gap of 30-40. This trend doesn’t seem to change with the times, which, in fact, is encouraging, as the threat of gaining a gambling addiction is more common among youngsters. 

What exactly is catching these people’s interests? Well, statistics about gaming show that the most used online casino games are slots and blackjack as these ones also have relatively easy wins. 

When it comes to sports, as you could have guessed, football is the most popular online betting sport. However, each country and region has its own localised preferences. While American football’s the most common betted sport in the US, cricket strikes in India and so on. 


The Fun Part


Now that you have a fair amount of information on the iGaming industry, let’s round up the topic with some fun gambling facts as a cherry on top. 

  • Chewing gums instead of cash

Turns out that once in the early 1900s, slot machines actually paid off the wins in the form of fruit-flavoured chewing gums. Now, the tradition of fruit visuals is still used even in online slot games. 

  • It’s all about the numbers

Most of the players claim to have a lucky number in online casinos, with which they feel more likely to win. 7 and 21 are the most popular lucky numbers as claimed by the players. In fact, there might be some logic to it. 

  • Not getting tired of poker

Imagine playing online poker for 48 hours! As claimed by the Guinness World Records, the longest online poker tournament played by one person lasted for 48 hours by Martin Hummel from Germany.


As a Conclusion


Since you know more about the iGaming world, it will be easier for you to navigate in this endless online industry, be it as a gambler or a potential business owner. Online gambling’s on its rise now and you do not want to miss the opportunity to start your gaming adventure. Our blog will do its best to support your journey by providing you useful and reliable information. And even if you don’t plan to become a part of the iGaming industry, we hope this blog post did widen your worldview on one of the most viral buzzwords globally. 

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