Office spaces greatly influence productivity, and Technamin’s team has access to modern, high-end offices from where we develop our innovative solutions!



Technamin is a fast-growing and innovative iGaming company. In less than a year, we’re already celebrating the opening of our second office in Yerevan, an ancient city that’s always young and vibrant. And this is just the beginning!

Our headquarters is located in the very heart of Yerevan. It’s equipped with top-notch infrastructure to ensure a productive work environment. We also have a terrace on the roof of the building with a beautiful view. This is where all the networking and fun conversations take place. Our team loves it!

The new office we have expanded into is even bigger and better, located on one of the liveliest avenues in Yerevan. Covering more ground, the open space environment and creative design will be ready to welcome our growing team of professionals! We’ll be working on our iGaming solutions to make sure you have all the means for a successful gambling business!


Technamin Provides Fast And Flexible Product Delivery. Customize Every Aspect Of Your iGaming Business And Create Adventures For Your Players That Are Exciting And Secure At The Same Time!

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