Technamin state-of-the-art Player Account Management system provides the perfect foundation for your online casino and sportsbook. With our PAM, you will be able to closely monitor your iGaming business and run your daily operations efficiently through our Backoffice.

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Our Player Account Management System, advanced CMS, and automated triggers give you full control in managing your iGaming business. Efficiently run your daily operations through our Backoffice. Our smart Business Intelligence (BI) module exposes the vast data at your fingertips to achieve actionable insights and spot hidden opportunities for additional revenue.

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Key Features

  • Partner Management and Configuration
    (Advanced CMS: Website Setup and Skinning)
  • Money and Wallet Management
    (Payments Integration, Activation, Logics)
  • Player Management (Log, Reg, KYC, Player Profile, etc.)
  • Player Segmentation (Dynamic Lists)
  • Auto Triggers (Promotional Campaign Automation)
  • CRM: Notifications, Emails and SMS
  • Back Office User Management Permissions
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Content Management (Translations and Localisation)
  • Banner Management
  • Third Party Tools and Services
  • Cloudflare: State-of-the-Art Security and Protection
  • Risk and Fraud
  • Bonus Engine
  • 3rd Party Service Gateway (Including SEO, Affiliate Systems and Analytical Tools)
  • Game Aggregation
  • Sportsbook
  • Payment Gateway

Additional Features

  • Security and Compliance:
    We are constantly developing and tweaking our core platform and back office facilities to achieve industry leading security and compliance.
  • Full Localisation and Internationalisation:
    Tailor your iGaming brand website to any language and region independently right from inside your back office.
  • Proprietary Casino Widgets:
    Take full advantage of our vast collection of 3rd party tools and services to tailor your operations based on your preferences and choice of tools.


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  • Tournaments
  • Interactive Leaderboards
  • Achievements
  • Missions
  • Challenges

Intelligent Reporting

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Intelligent Reporting

  • Provider and Product Reports
  • Liability Reports
  • Game Performance Reports
  • Bonus Performance Reports
  • Performance Monitoring Dashboards

Mobile-First Approach

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Mobile-First Approach

  • Smooth user experience
  • Modern UI/UX
  • Highly Responsive and Fast
  • Personalisation and Custom Branding


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The Curacao Gaming license contributes to the iGaming ecosystem, fighting stigmas and helping create a fair and transparent gaming industry. Curacao has the longest track record of any jurisdiction in the iGaming industry. Holding the Curacao Gaming license, Joymatik N.V. offers a safe user experience which protects players from potential negative consequences.



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