Technamin 2021: Highlights

That’s it, folks! It’s a wrap for 2021, and a year full of adventures is finally over. For us at
Technamin, the past year was certainly fruitful, and we’d like to take this last-minute opportunity
to look back at 2021 and reminisce about the highlights which we experienced as a team.

We Grew…Fast!

When we first started, Technamin was a team of 40 individuals. Some of us had not even met in
person because of the quarantines. Within less than a year, our team doubled in size and kept
growing, with new members joining us as we expanded our offices into a second building! Fresh
faces joining our team also meant the injection of revitalising energy which in its turn led to
higher levels of productivity and faster product releases! Thanks to the tireless efforts of
everyone in the Technamin family and the seamless services we offer, our list of partners also
began to grow.

April 19: We Are Live!

On the 19th of April, Technamin’s team members gathered in celebration of Technamin going
live for the first time. Our founder and CEO, Suren Khachatryan, had this to say:

“A year ago, on this day, I left the company which I was a part of from its concept of creation,
and thoughts of my new journey began to blossom.
That summer, when we were isolated during a lockdown in our village house at the heart of the
mountains, the idea of Technamin began to crystalise, and finally, on the 16th of October, 2020,
it was incorporated.
Throughout 2020, I was surrounded by a warm circle of people who constantly supported me in
every way imaginable, encouraging me and pushing me to go forward.
Every single Technamin team member shared, and still shares my vision. They took the risk of
joining a new start-up, and contributed to what we are celebrating today!
None of this is a coincidence. It is the result of the dedication and hard work accomplished
through the perfectly orchestrated performance by an extraordinarily talented team. They are
the reason behind Technamin having a fully-powered platform, which is being deployed live on
this very day!
19 April, 2021: We did it! We are live! And we couldn’t be more proud! Absolutely on cloud,
complete with micro-service architecture, fully redundant on auto-scaling setup, and always ON!
Every minute of every day!
Bravo, team at #technamin! I am proud of your dedication and efforts!
We work hard, you play safe!”

First Public Appearance

As we became bigger, we began participating in various events. First off, our founder and CEO,
Suren Khachatryan, and a number of our team members participated in Barcamp Yerevan
2021, the “most wanted tech and media event in Armenia.” This was our first public appearance
as a start-up, during which Suren spoke about how the COVID-19 pandemic was a golden
regardless of its negative impact, and went into further details as to how the advent
of the online marketplace and technology can produce even brighter opportunities than we

All Work and No Play? Not at Technamin!

Maintaining a culture of friendship and teamwork is important for us at Technamin, which is why
shortly after growing into a bigger team, we organised our first corporate party and became an
ever more close-knit company. From hiking to historic sights, to giant inflatable bubble soccer
and guitars around a bonfire, it was a fun and memorable experience! And most important of all,
it was the perfect opportunity to welcome new members to the growing Technamin family!

Shortlisted for SBC Awards

In October, we were excited to learn that Technamin was shortlisted for two categories in the
reputable SBC Awards 2021. For a company that was just over a year old, this was great news!
We were shortlisted for the Rising Star in Sports Betting Innovation / Software and Rising Star in
Casino Innovation and Software categories.

Getting Press Coverage

While we were a relatively new company, Technamin began to turn heads in the industry as an
innovative iGaming provider, which is why we were featured in various interviews and press
releases with the international iGaming media. iGamingFuture had a talk with Suren during
which he introduced Technamin and what we offer our industry, whereas European Gaming
spoke about how we are set to help iGaming brands capitalise in an ever-changing market.
Many other media outlets also featured Technamin and our solutions, and we’re sure that this
number will continue to grow!

ICE Ahead

One thing we were very eager about was the ICE London event, which was to be the first event
for Technamin. Suren even shared some valuable advice about how to prepare for such an
event, speaking from experience! However, ICE was unfortunately rescheduled to 2022 due to
COVID-related issues. This did not stop us from preparing for ICE and the year ahead, though!
Speaking of which…

Looking Forward to 2022

As a team, we accomplished a lot of things and overcame a lot of challenges in 2021. These
were just some of the highlights! With more professionals joining our ranks and with our
“innovate and always learn” attitude, Technamin is growing into an even stronger company and
we cannot wait to unveil some of the unique twists which we have in store for the iGaming

No one can ever be sure what the future holds, but we know one thing: we’re ready, willing and
able to meet 2022 head-on and turn it into yet another memorable year in our career!

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